Table Tennis

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Choose the flag that represents your country and advance to exciting matches in Table Tennis. There are still the usual rules of the table game, but table tennis in this game has become more interesting. Are you ready to enjoy these table tennis competitions?

This online game allows you to choose one of 40+ flags representing over 40 different countries to play against. Sports competitions will take place like professional matches in real life.

Table Tennis Tournament Map

This sports game will take place around the world. The number of tournaments is 10. Each tournament will take place in other regions such as North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. There are many places for you to play. These tournaments will be linked together in order. You can only advance to the new area when you win the previous tournament. The most prestigious trophy awaits you in the 10th tournament in North Asia.

To keep track of the order of table tennis tournaments, you can follow the minimap. It will appear as soon as you select your flag.

Rules Of Each Tournament

Each tournament in Table Tennis requires you to win 6 points to advance to a new tournament. To win a point, you need to win against a random opponent arranged by this online game. When entering the match, you need to get 11 points against your opponent to win. The way to move is very simple when you just need to move YOUR MOUSE. The force and direction of mouse movement will be the force and direction of the ping-pong ball.