Super Tornado.io

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Super Tornado.io is a fighting simulation game for multiplayer where you transform into a tornado and join the same battlefield with 14 other players.

Battlefield Of Super Tornado.io

In this fighting game, 15 players will join the same battlefield to compete together. On this battlefield, you will see some basic features. First, players will appear in different locations on the map. Second, there are many objects of different sizes on the map. You can see chickens, pigs, cars, buildings, etc. These items are extremely important for your fighting process. Finally, each battlefield will have edges to separate the battle from the outside world. Once you join the match, you have to fight.

Fighting As A Tornado

In Super Tornado.io, all players transform into a level-1 tornado and participate in the same match. Each match lasts 90 seconds. In these 90 seconds, the player with the most points wins.

To win more points, your tornado needs to collect items. At low levels, you can only collect small items like chickens or pigs. After getting bigger, your target can switch to cars and buildings. Besides, killing other players will be possible if you have a higher level. Therefore, the primary goal is to raise your level and gain advantages to fight.