Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers will make full use of your abilities to bring you the most exciting races. Controlling your character will not simply run, but also overcome an endless number of obstacles. This is not everyone can conquer to achieve the highest achievements. Are you one of these talented players? Let's play and show your ability.


Running and avoiding obstacles are your two main tasks.

Run as far as you can

This game is endless so it allows you to run the farthest to get the highest score.

Avoid the obstacles of Subway Surfers

Obstacles are not easy for you to achieve good results. You will face a series of barriers, trains, and walls. You need to decide whether you should jump, get over, or avoid going right and left.

How To Control: Use arrow keys.

Subway Surfers Characters

There are all 3 characters in this running game. Your character is Jake, an orphan boy who is being chased. Because of his passion for drawing, he drew everywhere and was considered to destroy the village.

The second character is a big policeman. This is considered a villain because it is always chasing you.

The last character is the police dog. It also always follows you to catch you.