Stick Golf

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Stick Golf is a sports game where you control the stickman to identify the direction and power to put the ball in the hole with an unlimited number of tries. In particular, your stickman can move to the next position of the ball to hit.

Stickman's Flexibility

The main character in Stick Golf is a stickman who will represent you to participate in golf matches. Your goal is to put the ball in the hole by hitting it. When hitting the ball, it can move to many different locations on the map. If that position is not the target hole, you need to continue playing until you succeed. In particular, when the ball rolls to a new position, your stickman will move to that position instead of moving the ball to the original position. Therefore, you can hit the ball many times so that it moves forward slowly and towards the target.

The map of this new game is special as you cannot see the entire map on the screen. You can just drag your mouse to observe the map. Therefore, moving the ball forward will help you observe the map more easily.

Controls In Stick Golf

You can control two main factors: direction and force. Use the left and right arrow keys on the screen to change the direction of the ball. After that, you can press the Power button in the left-right corner to adjust the power. After adjusting the force, press the Go button to hit the ball forward. You can do this process an infinite number of times.