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Stacktris is a new block-arranging puzzle game where blocks continuously rotate in the air. You need to put it on a platform so that they don't fall. The gameplay of this game is somewhat similar to Tetris. However, its difficulty has increased many times by changing the moving way of the blocks and where the blocks are placed. This strange and familiar gameplay will give players a great experience.

Stacktris Unblocked

Stacktris unblocked is the unblocked version for all players. It relieves your anxiety about being blocked when you want to join this puzzle game in special areas. It is easy to access. As a result, you can entertain without barriers.

The Game's Unexpected Challenges

Stacktris does not have a surrounding frame like other jigsaw puzzles. You only have the platform at the bottom where you place the blocks. Therefore, it is easy for blocks to fall out of the play area and lead to the end of the game. Besides, the blocks are placed in the center of the screen. The higher your block tower, the higher the given block is raised. This leads to a stronger falling force and is easy to cause other blocks to fall.

These challenges make the game more engaging than ever. If you want to get past them, think twice before placing any blocks.