Shooting Balls

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Shooting Balls will start a challenge with numbers, blocks, and balls. Shooting balls into blocks to destroy numbers is your mission in this shooting game. This rule can make you confused. However, it's only one sentence. If you try it directly, it will be easy to understand all mentioned information above.

Free Games Shooting Balls

Free games are familiar if you are a fan of our website. All games on our website are free for you to access and experience and the Shooting Balls game is the same. In order to introduce this game, we can summarize it with some words: arcade, puzzle, and single-player.

The aim of the game is entertainment through puzzles and you only can play alone.

Shooting Instructions

You start the Shooting Balls game with one ball. Shoot them on the blocks above. In between these blocks, there are numbers. With each touch with the balls, this number will decrease by one unit. Finally, this block will be destroyed if the number is 0. The number of blocks will increase gradually and the game ends when the blocks reach the finish line.

Besides, the game will also provide some items such as round orbs to increase the number of balls or skulls to destroy your balls.