Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers turns you into flexible eggs with a super shooting ability. Are you ready to join this combating game to fight like pro gunfighters?

The gunfights in this game are somewhat similar to Rooftop Snipers because you are all fighting with other players. This is the outstanding feature that this shooting game gives you.

Shell Shockers Background

The background of this Shell Shockers game is very diverse. Each game gives players a different experience. You can see this in matches. On the first day you play, the battles take place at a certain military base. On the second day, the background changed to a new castle.

These backgrounds are different. Besides, you can also access one of the 4 modes to find distinct backgrounds.

Things To Know About This Shooting Game

Shell Shockers has a lot of new things like gameplay, profiles, modes, inventory, and shop. Two of them are important for you to learn.

How to play

Grab your favorite gun and step into the shell shockers battlefield. Use your shooting ability to destroy your enemies while dodging attacks. On the map, you can collect bullets and bombs for combat. Remember that the longer you live, the higher your achievements.

How to Control Shell Shockers



LMB - Shoot

L-Shift - Aim

Q - Throw a grenade

R - Reload your gun