Scary Wheels

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Scary Wheels takes you to the scary world of traffic when you can't keep your balance easily. Take your wheel to the destination and win at each level!

How To Play Scary Wheels

Be amazed at the simple gameplay of this Scary Wheels game! Your character will start at the starting line and work towards the finish line to complete a level. Your path will be platforms with unique designs. These platforms can take many shapes such as lines or curves. Moreover, on these roads, there are obstacles that block the way. The effect of obstacles is to slow you down. If you face too many obstacles, you may be blocked by them and come to a complete stop. As a consequence, your only option is to replay the level. In addition, there are deadly obstacles that can hurt your character.

Way To Control Wheels

To control your wheels, just use the up arrow to move forward and the down arrow to brake. Left and right arrows will help you regain balance for your character. This way of controlling may feel familiar because it has appeared in many other online games. However, it is an advantage to help you quickly get acquainted and conquer the challenges of this Scary Wheels game.