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Recoil is a single-player shooting game in a closed space. Your only opponent is a pink monster and you need to destroy it to advance to the next level. Come to this game now to challenge your shooting skills on various levels!

Recoil Requirements

In this shooting game, you only need to meet one requirement to complete a level: destroy all pink monsters. These monsters are your opponents and they can be in many different locations on the map. You need to use your gun to move and shoot them down. However, it is not easy because you cannot move in the usual way. Instead, you need to rely on your gun's rebound.

Move And Shoot With Your Gun

In Recoil, your character will be in a closed space with pink monsters. Your character cannot move with normal control keys. You can just click to shoot. Therefore, the only way to move is to take advantage of the rebound when shooting. This way of moving is challenging for many players because it can cause you to move against your will.

In addition, you also cannot aim and shoot easily. Instead, you need to time in your movement process to shoot in the direction of the target.

With these two challenges, how many levels will you conquer?