Poke Clicker

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Poke Clicker offers 23+ routes for all players to kill wild Pokemon characters by clicking. It's the simplest way to join the battles in an action game!

Rules of Playing Poke Clicker

This game has very simple rules to conquer all routes. A route will take place according to the number of Pokemon. You need to kill all those Pokemon to conquer a route. After that, you can click on the next route on the map to advance to new challenges. In these journeys, you need to pay attention to the number of Pokemon and the number of clicks to kill. Corresponding to the challenges, you will receive valuable coins. Each Pokemon will have its own value based on type and level.

Using In-Game Money

In this game, collected money is mainly used to upgrade Pokeball, Experience, Catch Time, and Money Multiplier. Upgrading these elements will help you increase the speed of killing Pokemon. Besides, the amount of money you get is also more. During the game, do not forget to pay attention to important indicators on the main screen such as Money, Dungeon Tokens, and Quest Points. These stats are considered as your leaderboard to compare with other players.