Pixel Shooter

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Pixel Shooter contains many secrets waiting for you to discover. Transform into a character and use your shooting ability to compete with other players. The special thing about this game is the pixel world. This digital world is designed with its own pixel style. It's simple but also colorful.

Pixel Shooter Games Online

Like many other games on our Rooftop Snipers website, this shooting game allows you to play online. Its gameplay will follow some of the following rules.

Online Play Rules

To start the game, you need to choose the mode you want first. There are 2 modes: PK mode and Fight mode.
In PK mode, you can choose to join one of three sub-modes: Single mode, Team mode, and Bomb mode. Like the name of each mode, the gameplay in the modes will lead to single-player, team play, or bomb play.

The Fight mode also has 4 sub-modes: Space mode, Flag mode, Frag mode, and Zombie mode. You will have tasks to complete in these modes instead of just trying to survive.

Depending on the mode you choose, you have to follow the rules that this action game offers.

Pixel Shooter Support Items

Pixel Shooter gives you skills and guns to fight. Before using them, you need to unlock them. The value of each skill and gun is calculated differently and sets specific requirements for players before owning. For example, you need to collect 10 points to increase speed and 25 points to increase damage. The guns will also take coins or diamonds to own.

Other Valuable Items

Besides the main factors mentioned above, you can collect gold guns or rare heroes at a low rate. Besides, you can get free coins, and free gems, or do daily quests and spin the wheel of fortune to receive surprise gifts.