Party Toons

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Party Toons is a battle between 4 players with interesting mini-games. The number of them is a lot from football, catching strawberries, to smashing balloons. The battles in this online game become interesting when you can compete with 3 other players. It is possible to play 4 players on the same device with the special gameplay of this game. Besides, if you don't have enough 4 players, the game will provide AI opponents for you.

Enjoy A Wide Variety Of Mini-games

As mentioned above, this entertaining game has a lot of mini-games for you to participate in. For example, you can play strawberry catch. Strawberries fall from the sky and ask you to catch as many as you can to get more points. You can also play the mini version of Flappy Bird where all 4 players fly to clear the piles. The winner is the one who flies the farthest. There are many other games waiting for you. However, these games are random. You cannot choose. After 4 mini-games, the game will select the final winner based on the results of the previous matches.

How To Control

Party Toons has buttons for all 4 players.

  • Player 1: Arrow keys
  • Player 2: WASD keys
  • Player 3: 8456 keys
  • Player 4: UHJK keys