Parkour Race 3D

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Parkour Race 3D is a rooftop parkour game where you control your stickman to run across rooftops and pass other players to reach the finish line first. This race will take place on many different levels to bring players various experiences.

Levels Of Parkour Race 3D

This online game includes 100+ levels. 100 levels is a big number for players to experience exciting races. You can freely enjoy your passion for running on the rooftops. Rooftop terrain is a special type of terrain. It also appears in Rooftop Snipers to bring new experiences. Let's once again run on the rooftops and win against other players!

The level will follow level. It will bring continuous races. After completing a level, you can proceed to the next level immediately.

Your Mission At Each Level

At each Parkour Race 3D level, you will control your character to reach the finish line first. Your character is a stickman with special parkour abilities. He can jump long distances from one roof to another. Besides, high walls or obstacles do not make it difficult for your stickman because he can climb and slide. In particular, on the rooftops, there are power arrows that help your character jump higher and move faster.

Use your stickman's abilities to run as fast as possible. Other stickmen are also trying to compete for the top position, so this running competition will be extremely intense.