Papa's Pancakeria

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Papa's Pancakeria is the latest version of the Papa Louie series to start your business with delicious pancakes at 3 available stations and a secret station. Are you ready to start a new cooking game?

Papa's Pancakeria Game

This online game is the 15th version of the famous game series, Papa Louie. The game series mentions the character Papa Louie in all versions, but the main character is a different character. Papa Louie is always attracted by adventure, but he has a pancake shop to take care of. Therefore, our protagonist, Roy appeared. Roy came to buy pancakes and lost his cat at the store. When he returns to the store to pick up his cat, he is again responsible for taking over the store from Papa Louie. A coincidence made Roy's life very different. Please join Roy to operate this food store!

Special Stations

In the Papa's Pancakeria game, you will notice the difference in stations immediately. There are only 3 stations available. One last station is secret and it is only unlocked when you reach level 15.

The three levels available will have similar functionality to the other versions, but they have been designed to suit the pancake-making process.

Order Station is a must in all games of this genre because it helps you receive product requests. In this version, you will receive requests for pancakes, toppings, and sauces.

The Grill Station is where you make delicious pancakes before taking it to the Build Station where you arrange toppings and sauces on the pancakes.

This Papa game will take place day by day. Trade and earn as much money as possible. After busy days of pancake trading, you can entertain yourself with exciting baseball games at Google Cricket.