Onet Connect Classic

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Onet Connect Classic gives you 3 themes: animals, food, and fruits to participate in challenging puzzles. Match the same objects to earn points.

3 Themes Of This Game

As you may know, this game is divided into 3 themes: animals, food, and fruit. Before starting the game, you can choose one of these 3 topics to challenge. These topics will have different items. As a result, you have more experience and you can choose the mode with your favorite items. Although the themes are different, their gameplay is completely the same.

Onet Connect Classic Gameplay

This game has a familiar gameplay when you need to connect two similar objects to remove them. When you remove them all, you can proceed to a new level. Your points will be added until you finish the game. Note that the time for each level is limited so you should act quickly to complete the tasks.

Besides, while playing, you can no longer move. In this situation, you need to use the Transform power-up to reposition the current items. If you don't have this power-up in this situation, the game will be over. You also have Hint Power-up to get suggestions. These power-ups can be collected from the gift boxes after each level.