Om Nom Connect Xmas

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Om Nom Connect Xmas brings Christmas closer to you with images related to this holiday. In this online game, you connect the images with the Christmas theme.

On Nom With Christmas

The main character and theme are very clear from the name of the game. The main character is On Nom and the theme is Christmas. These two factors are very familiar to online players. You can see an image of a green frog collecting Christmas presents right from the home screen. Look at its eager expression as it prepares to receive the gift. Is your mood like that? Let's play and feel.

Connection In On Nom Connect Xmas

This online game will have familiar rules when you need to connect the same images. Let's reiterate the main requirements of this game.

Law of Connection

To connect images together, you need to meet these two criteria. First, the two images need to be the same. Second, when you connect two images, the number of lines should not exceed three. Besides, you should also pay attention to images that are different from your target image. They can get in your way.

Other Factors When Playing

As you play, you may come across a number of other factors that directly affect the game.

  • Time is the key factor in whether you win or lose. You need to connect all the images in the allotted time. Therefore, do not ignore this factor.
  • In addition, it's impossible to ignore the game's prizes. This On Nom game gives you stars after every successful connection. The number of stars will affect your achievements.
  • Finally, you can use the game's help by repositioning the images or getting hints.