Om Nom Bubbles

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Om Nom Bubbles continue to bring you to the Om Nom World. However, you will join bubble-shooting matches to connect colorful bubbles and gain achievements.

Let's click on the Start button to explore the new world of Om Nom!

What You Get From Om Nom Bubbles

This game has many attractive modes to give players the best experience. First, you can increase your level by completing the game's challenges. Your level will show your shooting ability. Especially, when you have enough level, you can use coins to unlock boosts.

The coin is also the second mode you get. As you do the quests, the game will give you coins.

Finally, your scores will be recorded and the game will display your highest score.

How to Play With On Nom

The bubbles will move continuously from top to bottom and the game will count down to 60 seconds. The game will end if the bubbles reach the finish line or time's up.

In the process, shoot balls to form sets of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. They will be removed. In addition, you can swap bubbles to play more easily. Note that you will have a super bubble with 10 chains.