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Octordle is a word-guessing game where you can join and guess 8 words at the same time. Words have 5 letters and belong to many different topics. This online game has 2 modes for all players to play with limitation or no limitation.

2 Modes With Limitations

When participating in this Octordle game, you can choose the mode on the main screen: Daily and Free Mode. Daily mode will limit the number of attempts when you can only find the exact words once a day. New words will be updated the next day. In contrast, Free mode allows all players to play as much as possible. The words in this mode are surprising as they can be kept the same or innovated.

With two completely opposite modes, players can choose according to their preferences. Despite their obvious differences, these two modes share similar gameplay.

Octordle Gameplay

This game follows two basic principles: filling in the letters and finding the correct word. Around these two principles, there are a number of other additional requirements.

  • First, you can only fill in 5-letter words and it must make sense. Each turn, you can only try 13 times to find the correct word. While filling, you will see 3 colors green, yellow, and gray. These three colors represent three different states. The green code represents the correct letter and correct position. Yellow is the correct letter and gray is wrong.
  • Second, this online game is challenging as it requires you to find 8 words at the same time. This number is not easy even though you have 13 attempts.