Narrow One

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Narrow One takes you back to medieval archery battles. Capture your opposing flag and protect yours while cooperating with other players to fight in a team. It's the basic gameplay of this action game.

Narrow One Gameplay

Narrow One gameplay has the characteristics of shooting games. Shoot or be shot. Kill or be killed. This is the main rule of games of this genre.

Narrow One's Own Rules

Instead of fighting independently, this game will help you team up. There are 2 teams: Blue and Red. Each team has a flag. Your mission is to defend your flag while trying to get the opponent's flag. This game has the same rules as medieval games.

Game Controls

In order to control the Narrow One game, you need to follow some buttons.

  • Use keys from 1 to 6 to change characters.
  • Use the Qkey to change weapons.
  • Use the Arrow keys to move.
  • Click your mouse to shoot.

Options In The Game

Looking to the left, you will see 5 items that allow you to choose and install.

  • The Setting section lets you set up sound, view, quality, and mouse sensitivity.
  • The Shop Section allows you to unlock and use items for your characters such as looks, gear, and bow. There are 6 characters, so you can edit all these characters.
  • The Account section is where you sign up and sign in to save your playing process.
  • The Squad section helps you invite friends or join an existing squad.
  • The Map Section is the most exciting part where you can choose one of the various free Narrow One maps.