Merge Melons

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Merge Melons is a puzzle game with unique fruits. The online game will challenge your strategic ability to connect the same fruits to create larger ones.

Coming to this new game, the first impression is the variety of fruits.

Variety Of Fruits In The Game

This Merge Melons game offers you various fruits. Some standout fruits are lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. They are of different types and their characteristics are also different.

The most striking difference is the size and shape. It is easy to spot the difference in shape because they are designed to look like real fruits and have different colors. Besides, their size will also change. Lemons will be smaller than oranges while grapefruits will be larger than oranges. The connection between them is created by the increase in size. Why this change? Let's find out together in the next part!

The Effect Of Fruit In Merge Melons

Fruits are the main object of this online game and they play an important role. You need to connect similar fruits to make a bigger fruit. For example, you can make an orange with two lemons. When you connect successfully, you will get extra points. Besides, it is also necessary to combine different kinds of fruits and save space. If the fruit reaches the finish line, the game is over. The combination will help you create more free space.