Master Sudoku

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Master Sudoku is a classic Sudoku puzzle game with an online version. You continue to complete the sequence from 1 to 9 but you can choose various difficulties. Have you ever played Sudoku with your friends at school? This game will bring back these memorable memories!

Online Version Of Sudoku

This Master Sudoku game is an online version with many utilities for players. When participating in this online game, you just need to choose the level and every puzzle is prepared by the game. You just need to play immediately.

Besides, the online version also gives you 6 different difficult levels to challenge. They include Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Insane, and Inhuman. The variety of difficulties helps you to choose the right level for yourself. You can practice and enhance your ability by level. In particular, each level includes a lot of puzzles for you to challenge. Each puzzle is unique.

Master Sudoku Gameplay

The gameplay of this online game is similar to the classic Sudoku. You will still fill out the numbers from 1 to 9 into the appropriate cells on the 9x9 board. You only need to make sure 3 factors.

  • Each air has no number repeated.
  • Each column has no repeat number.
  • Each 3x3 box has no repeat number.

All puzzles and levels comply with these rules. You only need to click on the target square and select a number at the bottom. Of course, you can repair it if you feel the number is wrong. Besides, you can also receive hints or see the results of this puzzle.