Mario And Banzai

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Mario And Banzai holds a jumping competition for the character Mario. Help Mario adjust the jumping force to reach the next platforms safely. Besides, you will have Banzai's support when this character helps you respawn n some cases. It will take you back to where you failed. Look forward to the unique combination of Mario and Banzai.

The return of Mario is stirring up the fan community of this game genre. Coming to this online game, you will experience new gameplay that is different from the usual Mario gameplay. Instead of moving across platforms and avoiding obstacles, your mission is to jump from platform to platform in this Mario And Banzai game. There aren't any obstacles. Only the following pits are interspersed between platforms. If you fall into these pits, the game is over.

Guides To Jump Over Holes

Your Mario character can jump from platform to platform without having to control your movement direction. However, you need to adjust the force properly to jump. If you use too much force, your character may jump over the target platform. It also may not reach the destination if you jump too lightly. The key to victory here is the right force. Let's jump and see how far you can go.

Mario And Banzai Controls

Press and hold the left mouse button to adjust the force and release it to jump.