Makeup Master

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Makeup Master helps you become a makeup artist by participating in customer care sessions to meet their makeup needs and make them become the most beautiful!

The demand for makeup is increasing for both men and women. In this game, so are your customers. The subject of makeup is very diverse from men to women. Beautiful men and women will look to you to become more beautiful for their upcoming events. Help them become more amazing with the following makeup steps.

Makeup Steps

After receiving the customer's requests, start making up according to their preferences. However, the makeup steps need to be fixed to have the most impressive makeup.

  • First, let's cover up the flaws. It will help you cover up the flaws on your face. Apply evenly so that the face is better covered.
  • Second, shaping the facial contour is an essential step to clarifying the beautiful features of your face.
  • Third, contour the nose and color your eyes. Don't forget to prettify the eyelids and enhance the sight of the eyes.

There are many other important makeup steps. Please follow the instructions for the game!

How To Control

Use your mouse to play the game following the instructions of Makeup Master.