Make It Meme

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Make It Meme brings laughter to players through special gameplay: create your own memes and evaluate them together to find the player with the highest score.

Start Make It Meme

To start this entertaining game, you need to create a name for your character and choose your avatar. To join the playrooms, you have two options: Create Private Lobby or Join Public Lobbies. If you want to start the game faster, the Quick Play button will take you to a screen with multiple playrooms available where you can instantly choose any room to join.

Unique Gameplay With Meme

When playing this Make It Meme game, you need to master your two tasks. Starting the official round, the game allows players to create their own memes within 15 seconds. There will be a random given image. Your task is to type the sentences you want to complete the picture. After 15 seconds, you'll move on to the second task: rating the memes.

Previously created memes from players will be presented on the main screen one by one. You will rate them in turn and vote with two up and down arrows. The up arrow corresponds to extra points and the down arrow corresponds to minus points. At the end of a round, the player with the highest score wins.