Lotería Game

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Lotería Game is a chance video game in which you need to wait for your card to match with the target and complete the line of 4 beans first to win. This online game will bring exciting matches with 2 players.

2-Player Matches

When you join the Lotería Game game, there are 2 available options for you: Random and Friends. If you choose the Random mode, the game will connect randomly you with another player. In contrast, the Friends mode allows you to select a friend to play together. Although the 2 game modes have different features for choosing your enemy, all modes bring you 2-player gameplay. This gameplay will create a competitive gaming environment to compete and gain victory. It's ideal for players who want to join thrilling online matches to test their chance abilities.

Gameplay Of Lotería Game

This game has simple gameplay when 2 players have the same mission: find the same cards with the target card and complete the bean line first to win.

  • Each match provides you with 16 available cards and a target card will appear.
  • In 3 seconds, you need to find the same card in your deck with the target card and click to signal with a bean.
  • Your goal is to create a set of beans following the requirements of the game. This set can change after each match. Let's follow this task on the left top screen.
  • When you have enough beans, let's press the Lotería button. Who press this button first will gain victory in this match. After that, you can move to a new match.