Knife Smash

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Join Knife Smash to demonstrate your ability to hurl knives at targets. Throw all available knives at the target to complete a level and gain an apple reward. The game will challenge your aiming skills.

Your Mission In Knife Smash

Knife Smash will provide you with a certain number of knives for each round. You need to throw all of these knives at the target so that the following knives do not collide with the previous knives. In addition, there are apples on the target. You can collect them by hurling knives at these apples. Apples will help you to unlock new knives.

Your points will be added each round until a collision occurs. At that time, you will have to stop the game and restart from 0 points.

Challenge You Can Face

Knife Smash does not have many challenges for players. It is important that you avoid the previous knives. Several factors such as the target's movement speed and the weight of the knives are also factors to consider. The target will rotate the circle at various speeds. It can even change direction at any time. In addition, the weight of the knives can cause the target to lose balance and move in strange ways. These factors should all be taken into account.

In order to solve these problems, you can follow some tips below. When the target has many empty positions, you should throw the knife continuously for a certain distance. Always look towards the target to make sure that there is no problem with the knife-throwing process. At the end of each round, it can be harder to throw the last knives. In this case, you should wait for the target to move steadily before continuing to play. Finally, apple is useful but not required. Therefore, you should not take the risk to get the apples.