Idle Restaurants

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Idle Restaurants facilitates you to become a restaurant owner with a wide variety of dishes. Cooking, managing, and attracting customers is what you need to do to increase your store's income. Are you ready to take part in this cooking game? It is more difficult than you think when running a restaurant there. In particular, the more you expand the restaurant, the more the number of jobs will be. This is the time to test your management ability.

Idle Restaurant Tips

Idle Restaurant tips are essential for you to run your restaurant smoothly. The first thing you need to keep in mind is to serve customers as quickly as possible and in order. Don't lose your temper or panic when there are too many customers. Being calm and dealing with all situations is the key to running a good restaurant.

Besides, you should also apply all the rules of the game to have an effective trading day.

  • Upgrading the menu will help you get more income every minute even though you are sitting and relaxing.
  • Remember to upgrade the chef with stars to create more expensive dishes.
  • You can get experience points after serving food. Use this to expand your restaurant and hire more chefs.
  • It is possible to upgrade the restaurant with faster speed and greater efficiency.
  • You can also buy boosters like Critic and Golden Plate. Critic helps you consume food faster and Golden Plate helps increase the value of the dish 2 times in 30 seconds.

Other Rules When Playing

Serving the right food to customers is still the top factor you need to pay attention to when coming to Idle Restaurant. Besides, upgrading the restaurant and chef is important to serve more customers. Mastering these two rules will help you play better.