Gun Battle 3

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Gun Battle 3 is a multiplayer fighting game where you and other players enter a city full of weapons and items to collect and compete against each other. All in-game conditions will be available for you to enter an ideal arena.

In-Arena Conditions

In Gun Battle 3, your battlefield is a city without residents. In this city, you only see gunners preparing to fight each other.

To provide ideal conditions for players, this fighting game provides you with many items. Two outstanding items are guns and shields.

  • Guns will help you attack your opponents. There are many different types of weapons and they are located anywhere on the map. To collect them, you just need to touch the gun and wait until the collection process is completed.
  • Shields are also available on the map. These shields will help you protect your character from enemy bullets. Shields appear less frequently than guns.

Gun Battle 3 Controls

It's easy to control your character in Gun Battle 3.

  • In order to move around the city, you can use WASD or Arrow keys.
  • Pressing the left mouse button will help you shoot.

Only with 2 hotkeys, you can enter this arena and start shooting battles with other players. All players have the same control and features. Therefore, the victory is completely based on your shooting abilities.