Geometry Dash SubZero

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Geometry Dash SubZero continues to take you to the running world with geometric characters to overcome new challenges in the frozen winter land.

This series of games includes many different versions and each version will bring you new experiences. These experiences are unique because of the variety of themes. Coming to this new version, you will experience the frozen winter theme.

New Winter Theme

The winter theme will appear in the game's graphics mainly. First, the game's roads are designed with blue and white colors. This is the typical color of snow and ice. Second, the obstacles are also of the same color. In particular, there are snow ripples at the top of the obstacles. The decorations also have a hint of winter when you see sparkling snowflakes. Finally, the effects also give you a breath of cold.

This winter theme will transport you to the winter world with familiar controls.

Geometry Dash SubZero Familiar Controls

Like other versions, this version still uses the spacebar, up arrow key, or left mouse button to control your character's movement. While controlling, you can choose the most suitable control button to handle difficult situations of the Geometry Dash SubZero game.