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Foodle is a puzzle food-related game where you have 6 chances to try 5-letter words and find the target word of each day. Each day will have a unique word. Let's join this puzzle to test and improve your vocabulary about food.

Rules Of Foodle

The puzzle game only allows you to fill in 5-letter words to test. You can only check 5 times and the 6th time is your last chance to fill in the target word. As you try, the game will color the letters to represent different states.

  • Gray represents the wrong letter.
  • Yellow represents the correct letter but the wrong position.
  • Green represents the correct letter and the correct position.

Use these hints to find the right word and win the game. Note that the game only offers one word per day. If you find today's word correctly, you need to wait until tomorrow to continue participating in a new match. Conversely, if you don't find the target word after 6 try chances, you can continue playing.

Way To Type Letters

It's simple to type letters because the game will provide you with all the necessary tools to perform. When accessing this Foodle game, you will see a 5x6 frame where you put the letters. Below, you can see a virtual keyboard where you can select the letter you want and press the Enter button to complete. Note that the game only accepts meaningful food words such as kebab, water, fruit, pizza, bacon, or salad. Besides, it is possible to delete a letter, but you can only perform this action before you press the Enter button.