Drift F1

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Drift F1 is a popular driving game all the time because it takes you to online races to test your control. Each track is level with unique challenges. In particular. this driving game is famous for its special controlling way.

The Controlling Way Of Drift F1

When coming to this driving game, instead of using WASD or Arrow keys like in normal games, you only need to use your left mouse button to control your car. Each click time, your car will turn and it will keep in this direction until you release it. Therefore, in order to navigate your vehicle, let's click and release it at the correct time.

It's simple to control, but there are still difficulties for you to complete levels. Why? Let's learn in the next part about the challenges of races.

The Challenges Of Races

Your challenges mostly come from the platforms that make up your tracks. The tracks are designed with platforms in various sizes and shapes. They can be big or small depending on the level. When moving on these platforms, you need to be careful to avoid falling. Besides, the slip of the car is also a problem. You need to time and account for sliding angle to stay safe. A good tip is to buy expensive cars to reduce the slip of the vehicle.