Defend the Tower

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Defend the Tower begins the wars against elite invaders. Let's use your own strategies to build your defense class and eliminate all opponents. This battle will require many efforts to win.

Defend The Tower Games

Defense games are probably no stranger to online game enthusiasts. Games of this genre often bring a strange attraction and attract players for a long time. Defend the Tower is no exception. So, let's learn together the interesting features of this entertaining game to decipher the appeal of this game category!

Addictive Gameplay

The gameplay of Defend the Tower is more addictive than Rooftop Snipers because the game gives you a lot of achievements and items. You are constantly achieving good results and moving forward through each level. Who wouldn't want this?

Your mission is to install the weapons and destroy the enemies. Enemies appear is when you start fighting. The battles are very intense because of the change in the number and type of opponents. You can face aliens, giant dogs, or demonic bats. Their number is constantly increasing. They seem to be challenging you to a fight.

Great Graphics In The Tower Defense Online

This defense game provides you with eye-catching graphics when you participate in the online version. Here, you can enjoy the most ideal environment to play. Images of buildings, warriors, or opponents become lively.

What Is The Best Tower In Tower Defense

There are 4 types of towers you need to master before answering the question: What is the best tower in this entertaining game?

  • Ancher (70 coins) will strike from a distance.
  • Slow (80 coins) slows down enemies.
  • Magic (110 coins) deals piercing magic damage.
  • Cannon (120 coins) causes damage in a large area.

Each tower has its own use. If you ask which tower has the most damage, it is Cannon. The tower that can attack the farthest is the Ancher. No tower can slow better than Slow. For armor-piercing attacks, Magic should be used. Therefore, we can only say the best tower when you state the intended use.