Dalgona Candy

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Dalgona Candy sets up an online environment for you to experience Squid Game's challenges, especially the sugar candy-splitting game that will make you sweat.

The Return of the Squid Game

Squid Game is a popular Korean movie that depicts people taking on deadly challenges to become a billionaire after receiving an award. However, this dream is never easy. The film has left an impression on many audiences and received many prestigious awards. Now, the movie Squid Game is planning to return with a second version, Squid Game 2. Let's wait and see this new version with exciting details.

Back to the Dalgona Candy game, it's one of the unique challenges of the movie.

Dalgona Candy Challenge

When participating in this challenge, you need to use sharp objects to separate a sugar candy. This candy is made with sugar that has been boiled and poured into a mold. After drying, it will have different shapes such as umbrellas, stars, circles, or triangles. This candy is very easy to break if you are not careful. Each break will cause the game to end and you will have to start over.

Besides, before participating in the Dalgona Candy challenge, you also have the opportunity to take part in other typical Squid Game challenges.