Daily Solitaire

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Daily Solitaire is a place to show your skills and level through each daily solitaire challenge. Complete arranging cards in the shortest time to get crowns. Deck-related games are no stranger to online game enthusiasts, but this game will give you a new experience as the challenges are changed day by day. Innovation is indispensable in this puzzle game. Let's play and experience it!

How To Play This Game

Daily Solitaire has similar gameplay to other familiar games. For more details, go to the following on the rules of the game and how to win.

Rules When Playing

You can move the outermost cards to cards that are one unit larger and of the same color. Arrange the cards to form a matching sequence. Especially, when you have a sequence of cards like this, you can move the whole row in one go instead of moving each card one by one.

How To Win Daily Solitaire

There are 4 boxes on the upper left of the screen. You need to arrange the cards from A to K and the same deck on these positions. After completing all 4 tiles, the game is over and you win.

Daily Solitaire Awards

Completing rounds gets you crowns and coins. Use this loot to unlock decks, cards, and tables in the Shop section. The number of items and designs is very diverse. You are free to choose and unlock.