Color Break

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Color Break is a puzzle game where you need to break all blocks by using a ball of the same color. To move the ball, let's use walls and go forward!

Gameplay Of Color Break

This online game will start by taking you to a maze with a ball, blocks, walls, and obstacles. Your task is to move your ball to break blocks. During this move, you need to pay attention to some rules of the game.

Your ball can move thanks to the walls and it can change color. You need to use balls of the same color to break blocks. Blocks with snowflakes can help you change the color. Besides, obstacles can destroy your ball, so you need to avoid these objects.

In-Game Levels

This Color Break game will be divided into many different levels to challenge the ability of the players. Because it belongs to the puzzle genre, the levels will be more and more challenging to experience. In particular, the maze and the arrangement of objects will completely change after you move to a new level. Therefore, useful strategies are necessary for you to gain victory at each level.