Clash of Tanks

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Clash of Tanks is an online tank battle between two armies. The goal is to destroy the enemy's main tank to gain victory. This is an engaging strategy game! The most attractive feature is the gameplay where you can lead a tank army and perform strategies to fight.

Gameplay With Tank Army

In this Clash of Tanks game, each player will own a different tank army. The number and level of tanks will depend on the construction and development of each player's army.

When entering a gaming world with these characteristics, you have the opportunity to show off your tactical abilities. Bring your tanks up and attack your opponents effectively. There are many types of tanks with different abilities such as fast movement, great damage, or high resistance. It is necessary to use these tanks appropriately.

With this gameplay, your goal is always to destroy the main tank to win. Therefore, protecting your main tank is also an important task to prevent your opponent from winning.

How To Upgrade Clash of Tanks

Upgrading tanks is essential to create a stronger tank army. To upgrade, you just need to enter the Upgrade section on the main screen. Here, you can upgrade the level of your tanks. The higher the level, the greater their stats. There are 3 main indicators: Health, Structure Damage, and Armor Damage.