Clash Of Armour

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Clash Of Armour continues battles among tanks. Your mission is to build your tank army to fight your enemy and try to survive as long as possible. It will be a familiar competition if you've played the Gun Mayhem game where you join a duel shooting war with another player. In this game, the gameplay is similar, but features and mechanics are completely different.

Mechanics Of Clash Of Armour

When participating in this action game, you can use many types of tanks to attack your opponents. You have a health bar. Who loses this bar first will be defeated and the victory will belong to the remaining players.

In the fighting process, there are some armors to protect tanks. They can be for your army or your opponents. This armor will prevent all bullets to hurt tanks. You need to pay attention to this feature.

Types Of Tanks And Using Way

There are many types of tanks and each tank has a unique attacking way. You should grab the information on the main tanks to combat better in Clash Of Armour. You can see common tanks like Boss, Rihno, Absorber, Panzer, and Suicider. The Boss is rated the most powerful tank. You should prioritize unlocking this vehicle to defeat your enemy.

After unlocking, your tank will appear and attack your rivals automatically. Your mission is only to wait for enough time to unlock. In addition, you also should use tanks properly to fight in the most effective way.