City Idle Tycoon

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City Idle Tycoon allows you to become a city founder by using your coins and building buildings for your city. Make your city the busiest city in the world!

How To Play

The goal of the City Idle Tycoon game is to bring entertainment with a simple gameplay to the players. It's the same purpose as Rooftop Snipers. You will start this game with a large empty land consisting of 36 small plots of land. A small piece of land is the territory for you to build a building. The first building requires you to use 100 coins to unlock it. Subsequent buildings will increase by 100 coins. As a result, the final building will cost 3,500 coins.

In order to earn coins, you don't need to do anything. Newly built buildings will automatically generate coins. You can click on coins to collect faster. If you don't want it, the game will automatically collect it for you. However, auto-collecting will take more time.

Rewards You Can Gain

You can follow your rewards on the home screen with Sign, Treasure, and Collection. Each day you sign in will bring you free coins and the treasure section is also the same. The Collection section is the most special part of the game. Each slot of land is a unique building. You can unlock them one by one and all of the buildings will be recorded in this section. You can see buildings like Arcade, Bank, Books, Boutique, and Burger Shop.