Cannon Balls 3D

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Cannon Balls 3D is a shooting game with a cannon and limited bullets. Let's navigate your cannon to shoot down all blocks with various positions and structures. This online game will bring you exciting experiences thanks to various levels.

Various Level With Cannon

In this Cannon Balls 3D game, you will control a cannon as a tool to conquer levels. The levels in this game are not simple as they require you to conquer many mini-stages with different arrangements of blocks.

First, each level will include 5 mini-stages for you to conquer. You need to pass all these 5 stages to complete a level. If you lose in any stage, you will restart that level. Second, each stage will consist of blocks that are placed on multiple shelves with different structures. To shoot down all these blocks, you need to calculate carefully and aim accurately to meet the requirements of the game.

Requirements Of Cannon Balls 3D

This online game will require you to use a limited amount of ammo to complete each stage. Therefore, accurate aiming is necessary to save ammo. Besides, you need to shoot at the right positions to destroy the most blocks. If there are no blocks left on the shelf, you win. However, there is a special stage, the last stage of each level. This stage will give you endless ammo to shoot freely. Let's shoot freely after challenging stages!