Boulder Blast

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Boulder Blast happens the battle between a cannon and boulders from the air. Boulder kept falling down. Avoid getting hit by the boulders and shoot them all. This shooting game is exhilarating because you can experience the defense as well as the offense at the same time. Even though it's not difficult to play, it still attracts millions of players to join. Why? What is the attractive point of this arcade game? Find out now!

The Attractive Points Of The Game

There are many highlights for you when participating in this entertaining game. The things of interest when coming to this game are shown very clearly from the first time you join the game.

First, you can enjoy excellent graphics with eye-catching images. Second, the challenges keep popping up to prevent you from stopping playing. At the same time, it also makes the game become funner for all players. Next, this shooting allows you to upgrade the cannon and collect points. They are great achievements to conquer.

Boulder Blaster Instructions

Boulders will appear in the air with numbers in the middle. You need to shoot and destroy them. The number in the middle corresponds to the number of bullets you need to shoot to eliminate a boulder completely. Note that boulders with the marge number can be broken and create boulders with a smaller number.

In the shooting process, remember to avoid colliding with these obstacles if you don't want to stop the game.