Biozombie Of Evil

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Become a brave warrior in Biozombie Of Evil to destroy dangerous zombies and save your life. Try to survive in this chaotic world with biohazard zombies!

Biohazard Zombies

Biohazard zombies are your opponents in this action game. They are creatures created from crazy biological experiments. There are some zombies have escaped and quickly spread this disease to all parts of the world. They are extremely dangerous because you get injured and lose blood with their bites.

The danger of these zombies does not stop there. They also appear in swarms and proceed to attack any life. In this shooting game, you are the most attractive target of these zombies.

Your Mission When Joining the Game

Your tasks are divided into 2 main parts: attack and defense. Note that you need to complete both two tasks to gain victory in this Biozombie Of Evil game.

Move To Defense

Your character has the ability to move flexibly with the ability to jump. You can move forward, backward, jump high, or move left and right. Moving flexibly will help you avoid the onslaught of zombies.

Attack To Complete Levels

Each level will require you to kill enough zombies before the end of each battle. Use your gun in first-person view to shoot down enemies. Attacking is also an effective defense to ensure that no dangerous zombies can reach you.

Control Instructions Of Biozombie Of Evil

  • WASD - move
  • Mouse click - attack
  • F - pick up weapons
  • Tab - pause
  • R - reload