Battle Wheels

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Battle Wheels offers a strange combat environment as you control your car to perform attacks, destroy your opponents, and increase your ranking.

Battle Wheels Gameplay

The gameplay of this game adheres to a winning principle: make your opponent run out of blood first to win. A health bar will be displayed on top of each character. You can base on here to monitor your situation and the opponent.

To destroy the opponent, you need to use your car to crash into the opponent's body. If you just touch enemy cars, it will be of no effect.

Other Notable Elements

You will fight in an enclosed space. Around the battlefield, there will be borders that separate you and your enemies from outer space. However, inside the border, the terrain is also very diverse for you to fight.

Besides, it is possible to choose to play 1 player or 2 players. You can also go to the garage to equip yourself with super cool cars and track your rankings on the leaderboard. Don't forget to check your ranking on the main screen with league stats. In order to control your car, you only need to use the right and left arrow keys when playing in 1P mode. In 2P mode, it's necessary to add AD keys to your hotkey set.