Avatar Game

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Avatar Game refers to an adventure game with 3 modes: Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist. Let's transform into Jake Sully and run over challenges! As you can know, this game is inspired by the Avatar Movie and the main character is also Jack Sully. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this special gaming world?

The Avatar Gaming World

Join this online game, you can enjoy the world of both Avatar 1 and Avatar 2 where you can see trees of souls and long beaches. These two images characterize 2 parts of the famous Avatar movie. The trees of souls always emit pink lights to illuminate the dark Navi forest. Beaches with white sand are the characteristic of Pandora Bay where Jack Sully's family has migrated to live. Through your every move, you can enjoy all these fun elements.

Your Mission In The Avatar Game

Coming to this adventure game, your task is to control the character Jake Sully to overcome all dangers. Your character can run and jump over the obstacles. Besides, it is also possible to transform into other shapes and change the way of movement. For example, you can become a ship to fly in the air. However, no matter which move you use, try to reach your destination and complete each level.