Arctic Pong

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Arctic Pong prepares you for extreme ice ping pong games. Are you ready to move your seal as a ball to avoid predators? The number of your moves is your point. What do you think about ping pong games? It is two players hitting a small ball together on a table with a low net in the middle. This online game is also inspired by this gameplay. However, it was improved to be more suitable for a single-player online game.

Arctic Pong Arcade Online

As some information mentioned in the previous section, this Arctic Pong game is an online game where you can relax after a hard-working day. Sports gameplay has also been shown in Soccer Random. However, in this game, things will become more fun.

Instead of a ball, your character is a seal that will move between two goals. On these goals, there will be coins. Eating a coin means you get a point. The game will not stop with endless gameplay until you are destroyed. What will kill you?

There are white bears that will move continuously between two goals. You need to avoid them by moving before them to reach the other goal or returning to the previous goal immediately.

How To Control

Click to make your seal begin to leave a goal or return while moving.