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Archery waits for you to create admirable achievements when participating in level or endless archery competitions. Shooting in this game is not easy.

Archery Trophy For Each Mode

The trophies are always ready to give to talented players. The question is if you can become that player. How to know that? Let's come to the criteria of two game modes and find effective trophy-winning strategies!

Two game modes are Level and Endless. The level mode will take you to visit all the prominent regions in the world when each level will correspond to a country in that area. You can follow the world map after accessing Level mode. At each level in this mode, the game will require you to reach a given number of points to complete the level. However, your number of arrows is limited. Each target will have 10 rounds. Each round corresponds to a different score from 1 to 10. Can you hit and score successfully?

The second mode is Endless. Instead of a target with 10 rounds, the target in this mode only has a circle that can be placed in any position. You need to aim accurately to score points. The special thing is that the targets can move to create difficulty for the game. Note that you have to stop that round immediately if you miss one time. There í no second chance for you in this mode.

The number of points you win after each level in Level mode or each round in Endless mode corresponds to a trophy. The more trophies you have, the higher your hit rate will be.

How To Aim And Shoot Arrows

The number of arrows and the mode does not affect how the arrow is fired. The following firing method is applicable to all cases. In this Archery game, a bow and arrow will be given to each player. On it, there is an aiming circle. Use this circle to aim for the most accurate shot.

To aim, just hold down the left mouse button and move. When you want to shoot, release the left mouse button.