Among Us

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Among Us is a game of wits between players to fulfill their roles well. You can become an imposter to kill people or an honest crewmate. This depends on luck when you come to this puzzle game. Any role can come to you.

Among Us Account

Among Us Account is free for all players. You don't have to register or do anything difficult. All you need to do is enter your name in the game box and complete the process to have an account. This account will help you to be recognized in the rounds. It is also a way for you to share your games and achievements through social networks.

Character And Arena

Character And Arena are two important factors you need to master to be able to win this game.

Unique Battlefield

Your battlefield is a spaceship with lots of different rooms and areas. The light in this spaceship is not much because you need to save energy. Murderers are always around to do evil things. The honest characters go around in the ship to repair and find a way back to earth. These create a unique and chaotic play area.

Among Us's Two Main Characters

The two main characters are an imposter and a crewmate. Imposter is the killer who needs to destroy the crewmate in silence. If detected, the importer will be lost. On the contrary, the crewmate will only do the assigned tasks and try to find the imposter to protect themselves and win.