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2048 is a number game to arrange tiles with the same number and merge them into a larger number. Challenge yourself and find the biggest number, 2048! This new game will bring you to a peaceful gaming world while you also can enjoy thrilling gameplay.

Thrilling Number Gameplay

This 2048 game is famous in the gaming world for its unique gameplay. The game will give you a playing frame with 16 squares. In these squares, there are tiles with different numbers. These numbers will be the factors you need to pay attention to.

2 tiles with the same number can be combined to create a larger number. Therefore, when moving, you should prioritize combining tiles. It not only helps you increase your score but also saves space. Your playing field only has 16 squares, so they will fill up quickly. If you cannot move with these 16 tiles, the game will end.

Besides, the game will also add new tiles after each of your moves, so it is necessary to save space in the game frame.

How To Control 2048

It's easy to control this online game with your mouse. You can swipe to move all tiles in the playing field. If two tiles of the same number collide together, they will merge automatically.

When playing, you should pay attention to the direction of swiping because all tiles will move at the same time. Therefore, it's necessary to decide on a target direction and you should place all large numbers here and avoid moving following this direction.